Wander exists because when we find clients who inspire us, we want to share their stories with the world.

What inspires us? Foreign coins and friendly bellhops. Slow rides through narrow waterways, drinks by the pool, the power of a great meal and everything strange, mysterious and unforgettable about a new destination.

We’re inspired by the challenge of placing your story in the magazine in the back pocket of a business class seat. We thrive on getting you rave reviews on your menu, and making your opening an experience, not just an event. This inspiration drives us to make sure the right people know about you, write about you, tell their fans and talk to their friends - and the next thing you know, something amazing starts to happen.

We believe in the joy of the journey, and the journey begins when we allow ourselves to wander.

Will you join us?


Media Relations

We make sure you’re featured in the right spots and included in the right conversations. It could be TV, blogs, magazines, radio or even podcasts. Maybe it’s a great pic on an Instagram star’s page. Maybe it’s in Conde Nast Traveler. Maybe it’s a meticulously- planned, but seemingly effortless, press trip where everyone forgets they’re actually “working”. Maybe it’s a news piece on GMA. Maybe it’s all of the above. The point is we know what drives guests to your business and it’s our business to get them there.

Industry Relations

Strategy is the name of the game, and have we mentioned how much we like to play? At industry events we’re not satisfied unless our clients own the room, get the high-fives, and have all the cool kids wanting to sit at their table. We play to win, so that means that destinations get the group traffic they’re looking for, the right executives participate in the right panels, and the industry influencers who matter most know who you are and why they need to get to know you better.

We meet your clients where they are, and before they’re at your hotel or restaurant, they’re probably on their phones. We take your story and make it social. We make sure you’re liked, clicked and Googled. That means providing the right strategy and content so your social brand becomes part of your clients’ social (or business) lives.


Ever thought of making a “dog-friendly” event at your restaurant? We have. It was pretty great. Whether it’s cocktail parties, compelling roundtables, or Insta Meetups, we insist on making your clients have a great time at your place with innovative plans that we dare to make come true.


At Wander, we’re inspired by the inspired. We wake up every day to meet and work with clients who value adventure, who create experiences, and who want to make an impact on people and communities. So, whether you are big or boutique, we know it’s the size of your wanderlust that truly matters, and that’s what moves us to show the world just how awesome you are.


Adriana Sol


Daniela Aguilera

Account Executive

Spencer May

Account Executive

Jessica Carr


Tiffany Townsend

Partner NYC

Adriana Sol


Her colleagues say she’s passionate. Her friends say she’s wise, even-tempered and modest. But, we would also like you to know that while in South Africa two lions made themselves at home in the plunge pool outside her bungalow. And there they stayed - cool, confident and commanding. You know what they say about the company you keep.

Adriana cofounded her first Public Relations agency at 26. From there she built hundreds of relationships and more importantly, an understanding of the kind of client she truly wanted to serve. Maybe it’s because she was born under the “traveler’s moon” (if you believe that kind of stuff) or maybe it was the lions…either way, she struck out on her own and Wander was born.

Now she leads a globetrotting and tenacious team who believes that eating well, traveling often, and being creative are all in a day’s work. When you make your passion your living, you get great results, you attract the right people, you make every day an adventure, and there are always doughnuts on Fridays.